Winged Leviathan
The Story of the Humpback Whale

Clapham Phil

192 pages
Language: English
Editore: Colin Baxter (SDR)

Argomento: Sea

ISBN / Barcode: 9781841075778

Euro € 16.00

Few animals inspire such wonder as the great whales, and the humpback whale can stake a fair claim to being the most beloved of all. Known for its spectacular breaching displays, ingenious feeding methods and its haunting song, the humpback is today a staple of the whale-watching industry in many countries. Yet for centuries humpback whales enjoyed no such relationship with humans, and were instead the focus of a relentless commercial hunt that almost rendered them extinct. Whale biologist Phil Clapham s detailed insight into the world of this remarkable animal tells of the humpback s extraordinary seasonal migrations, which are among the longest of any mammal. We learn how they cleverly use bubbles to trap schools of fish, are introduced to the mystery of the male humpback s beautiful song, and discover that during the winter breeding season males are anything but gentle giants. The book also traces the history of whaling for this species, and explains the threats to recovery faced by remaining humpback whale populations today. Winged Leviathan is a comprehensive and passionate account of one of the world s most fascinating animals, told by a biologist who has spent much of his life in their company, and sensitively portrayed by a photographer who has followed these magnificent animals around the earth s oceans.