Ansel Adams at 100

John Szarkowski

Paperback: 191 pages
(Oct 2003) Language English
Editore: Little Brown UK

Argomento: Photography Ansel Adams

ISBN / Barcode: 9780821228654

Euro € 44.50

Ansel Adams at 100 is the most significant book yet on the great photographer's work, edited and with text by legendary curator John Szarkowski. John Szarkowski has painstakingly selected what he considers Adams' greatest work - 114 images - and has attempted to find the single best photographic print of each. He notes, 'It includes many photographs that will be unfamiliar to lovers of Adams' work, and a substantial number that will be new to Adams scholars.' This book, with Szarkowski's incisive essay, is the first serious effort since Adams' death in 1984 to re-evaluate his achievement as an artist.