The Fairy Bible
Everything you ever wanted to know about fairies

Teresa Moorey

Paperback: 400 pages
Language English
Editore: Godsfield book

Argomento: Fairies

ISBN / Barcode: 9781841813967

Euro € 22.00

This new edition of The Fairy Bible is the essential guide to the world of fairies. Through detailed descriptions and beautiful illustrations you will learn about the realm and culture of the fairy folk, including fairy rings and paths, plants and animals and music and language. The comprehensive yet easy-to-use directory provides information on 120 types of fairies, such as gnomes, naiads and kelpies and where to find them. You will also discover how to recognise fairy signs, how to perform spells to attract fairies for good luck, wealth and love, and learn rituals to help you uncover the wisdom and insights of tree and flower fairies. With this enchanting book you will gain a magical insight into the power of fairies and their beguiling world.