Overlanders' Handbook*
Worldwide Route & Planning Guide (Car, 4WD, Van, Truck)

Chris Scott

Hardcover: 672 pages
Language English
Editore: Trailblazer

Argomento: Servizio Rese Editori Trailblazer

ISBN / Barcode: 9781905864072

Euro € 29.50

Chris Scott and his band of globetrotting contributors and specialists have put together the definitive manual for planning and undertaking a vehicle-dependent overlanding adventure across the wilds of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Overlanders Handbook is written in the same entertaining yet clear jargon-free English for which Chris s other books are known it doesn t assume you know your plug gap from a radiator cap. Includes: 1. Planning When to go; typical costs; documentation; sponsorship; early overland journeys. 2. Vehicle choice and preparation The Overlanders Handbook is the most comprehensive account in print, covering everything from adapting a cheap car to equipping a campervan or 4x4 for months on the road, or even building and outfitting your own accommodation module to mount on an all-terrain truck chassis. 3. Life on the road How to handle dodgy borders, haggle over a purchase, treat a dodgy stomach and cope with crazy driving conditions. Guidance on wild camping; navigation and mapping strategies; onward shipping; advice for solo women overlanders; travelling with children or with pets; vehicle repairs and troubleshooting; and off-road driving techniques. 4. Continental route outlines Guidelines on both popular and obscure overland routes through Africa, Asia and Latin America. Includes fuel prices, easiest borders and best seasons, visa strategies, danger zones and regional highlights. 5. Overlanders Tales Half a dozen accounts of global adventures lasting months or even years in vans, 4x4s and all-terrain trucks from contributors aged from 9 to 69. 6. Supported by the online resource: Overlanders-handbook.