Tanks in Detail 3 - Panzer V
PzKpfw V Ausf A, D & G

Jonathan Forty

Paperback: 96 pages
(May 2003) Language English
Editore: Ian Allan*

Argomento: Military Tanks in Detail

ISBN / Barcode: 9780711029415

Euro € 12.95

During World War 2 the combatants produced countless types of tank, military transport, self-propelled guns and other specialised military transport for use against the enemy. Some of these types were successful; others less so. But all played a role in the unfolding drama of the war. During the invasion of Russia, the Germans soon had to battle with Russia's outstanding new T-34 medium tanks and the excellent KV-1 heavy tank, both of which had better armour and armament than the Panzer III and Panzer IV. The Germans urgently initiated the design of an entirely new medium/heavy tank - Project VK3002. A contract to build the Panther was awarded to MAN with a target of 250 a month, but by the end of 1942 this was increased to 600. Initially in service it was unreliable, but when all mechanical problems were cured, it gained a reputation as an all-round excellent tank, and over 6,000 in total were built. An armoured recovery version, Bergpanther V, was developed as it was not impossible to recover Panthers using half-track vehicles or Bergpanzer IVs. Other types included command and artillery observation vehicles. The most important variant was Jagdpanther - possibly the best tank destroyer of World War 2. Fitted with the formidable 88mm flak gun, a powerful engine and a low profile armoured superstructure, it was widely and rightly feared on the battlefield. Designed with the modeller, preservationist and wargamer in mind, Ian Allan Publishing's new 'In Detail' series is intended to provide the reader with a comprehensive history of the type of tank, self-propelled gun and military transport featured. Each volume includes a detailed history of the unit in service, along with information on variants, markings, unit allocations etc. Alongside the comprehensive illustrative section, which will include detailed shots of models in colour, the book will also include scale drawings and comprehensive guidance notes on camouflage.