Glassworks: Christine Vanoppen

Glassworks: Christine Vanoppen

Augustijns Piet

Stichting Kunstboek Acc

144 pages
Linguages: Olandese, Inglese, Francese

Subject: Design Glass

Christine Vanoppen (born 1962) has always been interested in the interaction between art and the private and public spaces. Glass is her preferred medium of expression, a challenging material that is flexible and pliable and at the same time stiff and brittle. Christine Vanoppen designs her glass art in dialogue with the environment and in the context of architecture. She finds the inspiration for the monumental works in architecture, but also in nature. Christine wants to make the light visible through the different layers or structures of transparent and coloured glass, for this she loves to challenge herself and to push the boundaries of the material itself. Her glassworks and installations are characterised by high technical quality and a pronounced aesthetic beauty. Every new assignment is preceded by intense research and experiment. Her work reflects a contemporary aesthetic and gives a new dimension to an age-old and noble craft. In this book 13 glass projects are highlighted through text, sketches, studio photos, and the final result. Text in English, French and Dutch.

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