Definitive Maria Callas

Definitive Maria Callas

The Life of a Diva in Unseen Pictures


Cicola Books (R)

Hardcover: 352 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781100731056

Subject: Performing Art Theater

Maria Callas is the definition of an icon. Perhaps the most renowned and influential opera singer of all time, she is revered not just for her otherwordly voice and dramatic flair but for her passion, beauty and innate sense of style. The fire and intensity of her personal life paralleled the dramatic roles she interpreted so passionately. Working closely with the Fondaziono Proge Marzotto, the Italian arts trust who acquired the archive of Maria Callas in 2013; and Karl van Zoggel, head of International Maria Callas club, ROADS is delighted to present The Definite Maria Callas: The Life of a Diva in Unseen Pictures. A lavish visual biography, the book showcases never-before-seen intimate letters, personal photographs and Callas's private collection of recipes. A comprehensive and joyous exploration of the life and work of Maria Callas, it is the perfect book for opera aficionados and casual admirers alike.

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