Flight (Evolution of)

Flight (Evolution of)

Stephen Woolford (Author), Carl Warner

Andre Deutsch Welbeck (Carlton)

160 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9780233004594

Subject: Transportation Airplane

Experience the evolution of aviation around the world: how it developed as a new means of military combat, how it became the leading mode of international travel, and how it eventually took us to the Moon, all in less than 100 years. From early pioneers such as the Wright brothers, Alcock and Brown, and Louis Bleriot, to the complex technology of military jets, the book conveys the courage of those early pioneers and the skill and imagination of those who have sought to continually push the limits of what can be achieved. A careful selection of detailed images is supported by 20 facsimile items that are printed on the pages. Documents printed on the page include: George Cayley's 1849 design for a glider; The log book kept by Arthur Whitten Brown during the first ever transatlantic flight and Apollo 11 mission report of the moon landing.

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