Introduzione Alla Cucina Giapponese

Introduzione Alla Cucina Giapponese

Natura, Storia e Cultura

Japanese Culinary Academy

Kodansha UK

216 pages
Language: Italiano

ISBN / Barcode: 9784908325014

Subject: Cooking, Eat & Drink Japanese Culinary Academys

The first in a multi-volume definitive series on the art of Japanese cuisine that will be the standard work for many years to come. Subsequent volumes will appear annually and will describe and illustrate the technical aspects of Japanese cuisine, such as Umami, Sauce & Seasoning, Cutting and Slicing, Simmering and Steaming, Grilling and Frying, Sushi and Other Cuisine, Desserts, Ingredients. There is no doubt that interest in Japanese food has really burgeoned in Europe over the last 10 or 15 years. Perhaps the health benefits were an important catalyst in the growth of its popularity, but large numbers of people now appreciate Japanese food for its intrinsic good flavours and textures born of its sensitivity to season, freshness and presentation. The last 15 years have seen a lot of Japanese cookbooks appear from local publishers across Europe, with a noticeable accent on ease of preparation and a contemporary fusion style, interacting with local tastes and ingredients. Yet at the same time professional chefs have become increasingly influenced by Japanese cuisine and it is conspicuous how frequently the TV chefs have been referring to it in their shows. This has contributed to an increasing demand for a reference source on more pure Japanese cuisine and the words dashi and umami have even entered the English language! This new project from the Japanese Culinary Academy and Shuhari Initiative is very exciting precisely because it addresses this need for something new on traditional Japanese cuisine that has an appeal that goes beyond the purely professional market. The fact that The Japanese Culinary Academy s Complete Japanese Cuisine is a project that is ongoing over several volumes and is conceived, designed and written by Japan s foremost chefs and culinary experts makes it very special and completely unprecedented in its scope. Furthermore, the sheer beauty of the design and the quality of the photography, writing and book production combine to create a series that will be the standard work on Japanese cuisine for many years to come. This first volume Introduction to Japanese Cuisine - Nature, History and Culture contains absolutely everything that the chef or serious cook needs to know to fully understand the cuisine and its cultural context, and is superbly illustrated. I believe anyone who has a serious desire to understand the art that is Japanese cuisine will absolutely want to have this book in their library. There are no others like it.

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