Collectible Snowdomes

Collectible Snowdomes

Carnot LÚlie

Flammarion UK

Paperback: 384 pages
Language English

ISBN / Barcode: 9782080108890

Subject: Antique Collector

Each and every snowdome presents an irresistible temptation: to upend it and watch the tiny snowstorm coat its little world in white. More than mere baubles, snowdomes tell the tale of our recent past. They hold the secret of personal souvenirs, while trumpeting the tune of cultural mores. They are mini memorials to movie stars and historic moments. All but forgotten in the 1980s, snowdomes have made a comeback with a new generation of avid collectors. Production-wise, the snowdomes universe is at a lively peak, with novel new models popping up everywhere. This richly illustrated volume features over 400 collectible items, categorized into four themes: people, landscapes, animals, and festive occasions.

STATO: In Commercio

€ 8.00

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