British Wildlife Sounds (+Cd)

British Wildlife Sounds (+Cd)

Collins Field Guide

Sample Geoff


ISBN / Barcode: 9780007209064


This is the first guide to allow you to identify most of the wildlife sounds you hear in Britain. It comes with an accompanying CD. Have you ever wondered what animal is making that noise in your garden? Or what a pine marten sounds like in the wild? This unique "Collins Field Guide British Wildlife Sounds", by expert Geoff Sample, features a CD containing all the major songs and calls of Britain. The CD is accompanied by an informative companion book that allows you to match a song or call with a species with the greatest of ease. Covering everything from common seals and otters to grasshoppers and frogs, this book also looks at the different sounds that animals may make according to the situations they are in e.g. under threat or at play.

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