Attack And Interceptor Jets

Attack And Interceptor Jets

300 of the World's Greatest Military Jet Aircraft

Michael Sharpe

Grange Books

Brossura 320 pages
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9781840139761

Subject: Military Grange Mini Series

Michael Sharpe introduces the book with a brief history of the world's miltary jet aircraft beginning with their origins during the Second World War to the new generation of aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit.

The main section of this small, pocket-sized book covers virtually every single jet that has ever been in military service. Although the title is "Attack and Interceptor Jets", Sharpe describes bombers, transporters and reconnaissance 'planes as well as the more graceful fighters of nations' airforces. Each page holds a different aircraft, depicting its name, a short description and history and a table of facts, including the jet's country of origin, its purpose, its armament and its performance and physical dimensions. Perhaps the best bit of each page is the wonderful detailed illustration of each plane showing to the reader its shape, size and markings that it flew (or flies) in.

For one example of a page in the book, I have chosen the legendary Grumman F-14D Tomcat. Underneath its name appears a lovely side-on view of the USN fighter in a typical grey livery. Below this comes a ten-line history and explanation of the plane - in 1984, the decision was made to improve the powerplant of the F-14A and to cancel the F-14B project. The improvedF-14D was borne out carrying the new General Electric engine. After more detail of the F-14D, an at-a-glance table illustrates to the readder that the plane is American, it is a two-seat carrierborne fleet defence fighter powered by two General Electric turbofans, it has a Vulcan rotary cannn, it carries Sparrow, AIM- and Phoenix missiles as well as spelling out the Tomcat's superb performance, weight and dimensions.

The book is largely an enthusiast's read but don't pay too much attention to its title - it is a book of all military jets, not just ones of attack and interception!

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