Aida (Libretto+2CD)

Aida (Libretto+2CD)

Giuseppe Verdi

Black Dog & Leventhal (Hachette US)

Publication Date: 2005
Format: Cloth & CDs
Hardcover: 144 pages
Language English
Original Price $ 19.99

ISBN / Barcode: 9781579125066

Subject: Performing Art Theater

In Verdi's Aida, the Ethiopian princess Aida is captured and sold into slavery in Egypt. The military commander Radames struggles to choose between his love for Aida and his loyalty to the Pharaoh. Radames in turn is loved by the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris, although he does not return her feelings. Birgit Nilsson is featured as Aida, while Franco Corelli plays Radames. This book is part of a series that includes the history of each opera, a plot synopsis, a complete libretto in its original language as well as in English, and dozens of photographs and drawings depicting great scenes, singers, and performances. An Angel/EMI recording of the entire opera on two CDs is also included, as well as written commentary from experts in the field, who guide you through the music as you listen.

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