Home Away Form Home

Home Away Form Home

Kate Trant

Black Dog & Leventhal (Hachette US)

Paperback: 208 pages
(10 Oct 2005) Language English
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ISBN / Barcode: 9781904772279

Subject: Transportation Caravan

Whether representing pioneering spirit, implying large horizons and wide open spaces, or epitomising economic travel with a comfortable change of scenery, camper vans and RVs share a common aspiration: the need to create a 'home away from home'. This book illustrates the culture, style and philosophy of camper van and RV travel by looking at the owners and their clubs. Stories of road trips, adventures and epic voyages provide an exciting backdrop to the extraordinary history and present status of freewheeling transportation. "Home Away From Home" explains the cultural and social history of the camper van and RV by looking at a range of phenomena from surf and hippy culture to family holidays and travel in retirement years. A range of iconic vehicles from the VW Bus and the Airstream to the Winnebago will be looked at in detail, within the context of their technical developments as well as the design strategies that dictated their appearances. Finally, "Home Away From Home" explores future possibilities for independent camper van and RV travel, alongside contemporary approaches to 'compact living'.

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