Japanese for Young People III Kanji Workbook

Japanese for Young People III Kanji Workbook

Kodansha US

126 pages
May 7, 2001
Language: English

ISBN / Barcode: 9784770024961

Subject: Linguistica Giapponese

A new and exciting approach to basic Japanese for young adults

The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), renowned for its Japanese for Busy People series, has developed a comprehensive course for teaching Japanese to young adulsts in English-speaking countries.

Japanese for Young People is a new three-level series designed primarily for junior high and high school curricula encourage systematic Japanese-language acquisition through an enjoyable but structured learning process.

This Kanji Workbook is a fully integrated component of the Japanese for Young People series for young learners who want to learn the ninety Chinese characters introduced in the third Student Book. This workbook offers a unique and proven approach to writing accurate and well-formed Kanji. The
pronunciation and meaning of the kanji are taught in tandem, based on a solid foundation of reading and writing drills.

This fully illustrated workbook uses a combination of traditional writing and reading drills and an entertaining selection of puzzles to facilitate user-friendly study for learners encountering a foreign script for the first time.

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